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Leading biblical singing for thousands of God’s people

In July each year in Keswick, England, the Keswick Convention runs over several weeks, drawing Christians from the UK and around the world together. Delegates come to hear the Word of God and to sing God’s praises, to be encouraged, inspired and equipped to love and live for Christ in his world. 

Keswick Convention is run by Keswick Ministries and has a long history, starting with the first Convention in 1875 which was held on the vicarage lawn of St. John’s Church. Since 1875, the Convention has brought Christians together from across denominations under the banner: ‘All one in Christ Jesus’ (Gal 3:28). 

Singing together is a key part of the Convention. Emu Music has been privileged to be invited back again and again to lead the music at Keswick, helping thousands of God’s people raise their voices to praise God and minister to one another. 

Jeremy McQuoid, Chair of Keswick Ministries, says, “Emu continue to be a favourite at Keswick. With their lovely blend of traditional and contemporary worship, all biblically driven, their gracious way of engaging the congregation, with just enough well-chosen comments to link songs together, how easy they are to work with behind the scenes, fitting into a nuanced wider programme and the sheer musical quality they bring. They set a glowing example for how truly biblical worship should be led, at large events and local churches.”

For Keswick Convention and many events like it, having well-led congregational singing where the band not only plays great music but biblically and practically leads people in song is an invaluable ministry. 


“Thank you for leading the sung worship at week one of the Keswick Convention this year. It was such a special time and was fantastic to join with you and to worship and praise our Lord together. 

It was evident that the Lord was in the midst of us and I could really feel the presence of the Holy Spirit among us. We have already learnt a couple of Emu songs at our church and look forward to learning more in the near future. Our musicians are already starting to learn the two brilliant new songs Here We Stand and Apostles’ Creed!

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate and have benefitted through your ministry since I became aware of you at the first Keswick Convention I attended in 2017. You and your music have been such a blessing to me over the years in all aspects of my life and it’s really exciting to see how the Lord is using you and blessing your ministry. I pray for you regularly (Emus past and present) and praise the Lord for each one of you and for how He is using you in His service.”

Pete – Lincoln, England

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