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Valuable videos

Throughout COVID, many churches used videos to help keep their congregations singing through online church. Emu made a number of videos available at this time to provide the Church with quality biblical music for socially distant worship.

Abbotsford Presbyterian is one of Emu’s smaller church partners, and post-COVID they’re still getting use out of these videos. They have two congregations, and at their evening service they actually only have live music once a month, because they don’t have enough musicians to resource a weekly band. On the other weeks they use videos to lead the singing. Regularly, these are the Emu Music videos, which is why Darryl Soh, Leader Pastor, wanted to support Emu Music through partnership.

“We love the theology of the Emu songs. They’re very singable. And the videos are tastefully done, not over the top, and seeing the song leaders is really helpful,” Darryl explains.

Darryl hopes that their music teams will grow and expand eventually, at which point he expects the partnership will become even more valuable. “We know that we’re going to get stuff from Emu in the future, like the conferences and Hymnbook,” he says, “But we’re also just so appreciative of what they’ve done for us in the videos that we want to give back now.”

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