The past, present and future 

Since its founding in 2001, Emu Music has been committed to getting biblical songs sung in churches and training the music ministry teams who steward them. Started as an avenue for evangelical songwriters to record and release music for churches, today Emu Music is a growing ministry with a team of ten and counting! 

Over the years, God has opened unique doors to Emu. In 2006, now Executive and Ministry Director, Philip Percival (the only employee of Emu at the time), went to England to do some training and meet churches. This trip turned into a job for Philip as the Music Director for St Ebbe’s in Oxford. Philip continued his work for Emu as well, and a year in England turned into many. Ministry in England grew, with Emu releasing more music, running training events and eventually leading music at large events like Keswick Convention. 

In 2015, Philip invited Alanna Glover (now Creative Director), who had previously recorded with Emu and had been studying at Sydney Missionary and Bible College, to join the team. Emu transitioned into a staff-led ministry team rather than a network ministry. The next year, Liv Chapman (now heading up our operations) joined as the first Ministry Associate and the team expanded from there. 

Now Emu is back in Australia, having returned to Sydney through the alignment of personal circumstances and a conviction to speak into church music culture in Australia. 

Through all the change and growth, Emu never wavered in its mission to be rooted in the Bible and do all its practical training, music and resourcing from a biblical foundation. 

It has been a great blessing to have continued to expand the team, including bringing on new Ministry Associates. God has also provided opportunities to train music teams and lead his people in song around Australia and the world. 

The need for Emu’s ministry is clear, and we look to the future, aiming to continue growing our team and growing our impact, by the grace of God. 

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